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The airplane was taken over by the Hungarian Aircraft Service on 19 December 1967. It served Hungarian agricultural flying for nearly 26 years. After the plane was cast off, it was moved to the Memorial Park to be shown.

Circa 18.000 pieces of this type of airplanes were manufactured, several of them are still in operation across the world.

The IL-14 with the side number served the Russian Air Forces from 1957. From 1970 it served the PCs 226 Transport Company of the South Army Group. The last time it took off from the base airport in Kosice on 08 December 1897 and landed in Ferihegy, while the original military decoration was still on the plane. The airplane flied 5928 hours.

The airplane received as a present spent a lot of time aside until it was finally towed over to the Ferihegy Airplane Memorial Park in 1994. In consequence of a law banning emblems of despotism the red star had to be eliminated from the side, but the original paint is still on the bottom of the plane. Approximately 900 were manufactured of this type of airplane.

The airplane arrived in Ferihegy on 1 April 1960 with Malév paintings. After the plane passed the technological check up, it first flew to Moscow on 25 May 1960. At the beginning, some problem occurred with the AI-20 A serial power plant so the plane could not even fight half of the set time. The power plants were replaced by "K" serial power plants in 1964. continue
The Hungarian People’s Army acquired the plane with the number 206 on 27 March 1952. On 20 March 1957 the plane was passed on to Malév, however, with the military painting intact. The plane flew as a freighter aircraft with Malév.

The ashes of the first president of the Republic of Hungary, Mihály Károlyi, were transported back to Hungary with this particular aircraft in 1963. On 20 May 1964 Malév returned the plane to the army, and the civilian aircraft registration was removed from it. Until then, the plane landed 5863 times and spent 3829 hours in air.

In 1974 the plane was cast off and the Museum of Transportation took it over. The plane was renovated in 1980, and then it was moved to Farkas Hill to the filming of the movie ’Vádindítvány’. From there, it was replaced to the Ferihegy Airport Memorial Park on 13 July 1993 where the plane has been on display ever since. 5306 of this type of aircraft, including military and civilian versions, were manufactured.

The airplane arrived in Ferihegy on 4 April 1969. It was the first of the fleet to retire. It took its last flight on 18 December 1987 from Budapest to Warsaw and back. The captain of the last flight was Jenő Durucz. Afterwards, the plane spent a lot of time in forefront of the garages before it was moved to the Memorial Park.

The plane flew 24167 hours and landed 19499 times. Civilian and military versions of the airplane, 725 Tu-134, A, B, L, S, A-3, B-3, LL, UB-L, UB-R, SzH were manufactured until the last one came out in 1985.

The plane arrived in Ferihegy, in Budapest on 24 November 1975 and was set to work right away. Since the B version arrived with an ICAO I standard, it was restructured during the first overhaul to be able to do ICAO II landings making it a type B-2 aircraft.

In January 1983 the business class on the plane was closed leaving the economy class with 143 seats. On 18 December 1991 due to a land event, the plane could not fly for some time.

The last time it flew to Heraklion on 31 July 1992. Afterwards, it stayed in the technological foreground for long. Owned by the Museum of Transportation, the plane was towed over to the Memorial Park on 24 September 1994. The plane spent 21554 hours in air, and landed 13803 times. Until 1993, 911 Tu-154 were manufactured. A few more of this type were however commissioned until 2000.

The plane arrived on 17 December 1975 on the order of the Air Traffic and Airport Directorate . In 1978 the complete S. TFIS 7701 air monitoring apparatus that fulfils the ICAO II category was installed. Later on it was expanded to category III and was used to check landing tracks, to calibrate ILS and other tasks. The first overhaul of the plane took place in 1980.

In 1987 the plane was repainted with the colours of Malév. The inscription ‘Flight Inspection Service’ was written under the windows. After changes at Malév in 1993, the plane was repainted to its present colours. It is still owned by the The aircraft successfully performed calibrations in neighbouring countries since the 1990s. The plane was kept in the technology forefront since the first part of the 1990s, but was moved to the Memorial Park in the spring of 2002. 1136 of this type of plane were manufactured until 1980.

The helicopter joined rescue work for the National Ambulance Services on 12 January 1980. The last flight it took was for the Székesfehérvár Ambulance Services on 14 August 1994. During this period, the helicopter took off 7732 times and spent 2841 hours in air .

The ambulance services could not afford the compulsory overhaul, so the helicopter was cast off. On 27 April 1999 it was towed over to the Memorial Park. Helicopters of this type have been used for civilian and military purposes in Hungary. ltogether 6800 helicopters of this kind were manufactured.