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Bela Dornyay Museum
Gizi Bajor Actor Museum
The exhibition commemorates three significant artists born a hundred years ago. The exciting, colorful and often troubled life of Margit Lukács, Ági Mészáros and Klári Tolnay are exemplary for posterity. What was it like to be an actor? To be a woman? To love and be loved? tovább


Arany Egyszarvú Patika

The freshest

Balaton Museum, Keszthely

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The 20th century permanent exhibition dealing with the most important artists and aspirations until the end of the Second World War is located on the recently renovated second-floor of the museum. The time period we concentrate on is 1896 to 1945, with 150 paintings, 30 statues and 200 coins. continue
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The János Tornyai Museum was founded in 1905. Its ethnographic collection was based on the objects collected by Lajos Kiss with the instructions of János Tornyai for the Industrial and Agricultural exhibition of 1904. The institution extended by a department of archeology in 1930. The basis of the collection of fine arts is the almost five hundred pictures of the painter János Tornyai. continue
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