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Gizi Bajor Actor Museum
The exhibition commemorates three significant artists born a hundred years ago. The exciting, colorful and often troubled life of Margit Lukács, Ági Mészáros and Klári Tolnay are exemplary for posterity. What was it like to be an actor? To be a woman? To love and be loved? tovább
Bela Dornyay Museum


Arany Egyszarvú Patika

The freshest

Museum of Ethnography, Budapest

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Gateways in Existence presents works by contemporary artist Alexandre Hollan, born in Hungary (Budapest, 1933) and now residing in France, in the company of depictions of trees and landscapes by some of the most prominent masters in the history of European drawing and printmaking. continue
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The house was built in the 19th centuary. Its name was given after its blackened walls. The house made an important role in the political and literary life of the town. The exhibitions were opened here in 1985 - after a thorough renovation work of the building. At present a social historical permanent exhibition is held here is, but the hall sometimes offers temporal exhibitions as well, mostly in the fields of applied arts, history and literature. continue
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