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Gizi Bajor Actor Museum
The exhibition commemorates three significant artists born a hundred years ago. The exciting, colorful and often troubled life of Margit Lukács, Ági Mészáros and Klári Tolnay are exemplary for posterity. What was it like to be an actor? To be a woman? To love and be loved? tovább
Bela Dornyay Museum


Arany Egyszarvú Patika

The freshest

Béla Bartók Memorial House, Budapest

Palóc Museum, Balassagyarmat

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Several works of art unearthed from the depths of the warehouse that has not been featured in any permanent exhibitions are featured in the exhibition opening on February 5, 2016, entitled 'Czóbel Rethought' in Szentendre, where visitors can see behind some of the museum's masterpieces. Some now revealed pictures were on the back of other works repainted, covering, hiding dormant. continue
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During the course of time the museum was directed by such famous men as János Reizner, István Tömörkény or Ferenc Móra. Visitors can see permanent exhibitions in the fields of archeology, ethnography, fine arts, natural science and pharmacy, but temporal exhibitions are also offered, even of foreign collections. The institute can offer special children programs, too. Especially outstanding item of the museum is the work of Mihály Munkácsi entitled the Hungarian conquest. continue
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