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The exhibition has closed for visitors.
2009.06.11. - 2009.07.26.

Masterpieces of Hungarian Painting Art from the Selection of Gábor Kovács

temporary exhibition
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Just like every private collection, that of Gábor Kovács has a definite character. Gábor Kovács, a patron of arts, has been purchasing works of art for almost two decades in order to establish a collection reflecting on Hungarian modern painting. The collection of nearly four-hundred contains paintings by the most acknowledged painters from the beginning of the 18th century to nowadays.

The body of the collection represent classic beauty, nature influenced landscapes with a selection of paintings with various other themes. Outstanding pieces in the collection are twenty paintings by Károly Markó and János Vaszary. The rest are selected pieces by Béla Kádár and Menyhért Tóth.

The collection almost fully represents romantic painting of the 19th century, realist art, plein-art painting of the Nagybánya School, as well as various -isms from the first half of the 20th century. Real treasures by e.g. Ádám Mányoki, Mihály Munkácsy, Lajos Gulácsy or even Kosztka Tivadar Csontváry are also in the collection.

The Gábor Kovács Collection is added new works of art from time to time. It is now accounted for as one of the most noted private collections in Hungary. The museum goers can see it in Budapest, Veszprém, Orosháza, Kecskemét, Szeged and finally at the Municipal Museum of Miskolc.


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