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2007.02.22. - 2007.03.25.

The exhibition of Drozdik Orsolya - Venuses: Draperies and Bends of the Body

temporary exhibition
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It is Drozdik Orsolya's second exhibition in the Budapest Gallery, the first was held in 1984. During the time passed, the artist became an internationally acclaimed artist. Drozdik teaches at the University of Fine Arts. She spends her time in Budapest and New York.

'Drozdik Orsolya is an extraordinary artist in Hungarian and universal art (...), she is an early representative of Hungarian conceptual art, well known among contemporary artists. She is one of the most excellent among artists interested in the problem of femininity, the important questions of the gender. Her art can be characterized with strict consistency, the research of possible roles a female artist can take, study of identity, the critical analysis and systematic study of the social role of female gender. (N Mészáros Júlia: Museum Courier, February 2004)

She faces the hardest problems without opportunism. Her art and experience of life are inseparable. Her life and art created the intensity of her art that is present in all her installations, photos, paintings, drawings and writings in symbiosis. This is the basis of her international recognition.

Her exhibition entitled 'VENUSES, Draperies, Body Bends' shows a new segment of her art. These works are closely related to the series that were shown in December 2006 and January 2007 in the APA in Budapest under the title 'Lipstick Paintings A' la Fontana'.

The topic of the present exhibition of Orshi Drozdik Orsolya is sensuality. She maps the surface of the world through the eyes, the organ of seeing. Sensuality, the connection of the organs is almost the opposite of conscious experience. Still, here her showing sensuality leans on consciousness. Orshi Drozdik Orsolya introduces the viewer to the sensual world of unconscious.

The topic of the display, Venuses, suggest the female nude, both on the walls of museums an the pages of study books. They suggest the patriarchal discourse in which the erotic object of sensuality is the female nude and the paper that surrounds it, covers and recovers it.

Orshi Drozdik Orsolya's exhibition entitled 'Venuses, Draperies, Body Bends' deals with showing the female body and draperies surrounding it. She emphasizes, often plays with what she has found or what she is suggesting. She applies all she has studies about arts history, but she is also independent if the information. She suggests them and rethinks the patriarchal discourse of art. She uses it as her consciousness but critically suggests the inheritance where the man's erotic lust is expressed in his eyes.


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