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The exhibition has closed for visitors.
2007.08.31. - 2007.10.07.
temporary exhibition
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Grain András, the young man who set off as a musician, Grain András who tried his talent at poetry, Grain András whose life was mostly determined by colours and lights is not three phenomena but a thought, an acoustic experience and an artist who synthesises spectacle and experience. The artworks of Grain András would never have been born without his past as a poet and musician.

Grain András was born in 1937 in Mohács on the anniversary of the battle in 1526. If he had not been detained by his tonsils, nose and pharynx surgery, he would have gone to become a singer after grammar school. After graduating from grammar school, he began his studies at conservatory in Budapest with excellent teachers. In the meantime, he was also allured with the possibility to study at the opera- operate department of the Theatre and Film Collage. However, Further surgeries put an end to all these for good.

He was forced to change his career entirely. He began to work with Marcell György, the man who once was the assistant lecturer with Csók István. He studied decoration and applied graphics. At school, he met the window dresser Huray Piroska whom he married in 1959. They lived together until 1994, until the death of Huray Piroska. They were partners in life and art; she was her muse and mother of their child.

Grain András built out excellent connections after his difficult illness stricken beginnings. He became friends with Kassák Lajos who encouraged Grain András. He also visited Czóbel in his home in Szentendre during the years he lived in Esztergom to ask for criticism and listen to the wisdom of the great artist. He also made friends with the arts historian and aesthete Dévényi Iván who also followed Grains's career with attention. After he moved to Mohács in 1964, he found new influences around Martyn Ferenc. Kolbe Mihály opened his first exhibition in Mohács in 1965.

According to Gran András, his works show sign of impressionism, postimpressionism, constructivism, avant-garde and modern trends. In his virtuoso drawings, pen sets off from one point and never ceases until the picture is done,

In 1992-93 he was manager of the 'Mohácsi Hírlap'. He also worked as a teacher from 1959 to 1988, until his retirement. The poet, painter and graphic artist Grain Anrás died suddenly on 3 August 2000 while organizing his 'Summer Exhibition'.

(by Bojtár László and Grain András Jr.)