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Forestry Museum - Szilvásvárad
Address: 3348, Szilvásvárad Szalajka-völgy
Phone number: (36) 355-505, (30) 379-3456
Opening hours: 01.01-31.03.:8.30-17
01.04-30.04.: 8-16
01.05-30.09.: 8.30-16.30
01.11-31.12.: 8.30-14
agriculture, economy, permanent exhibition, silviculture
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Museum tickets, service costs:
Ticket for adults
400 HUF
Ticket for students
200 HUF
Working on the projects in the valley, a very important occasion was the opening of the first open-air museum which is set at the first part of the Horotna valley ramifying from the Szalajka Valley.

This ethnographic exhibition was built between 1970 and 1974. Its purpose and basic idea, as its designer and the wood-works former head manager Jenő Kovács forest engineer wrote, was to erect a memory to the unknown simple workmen of the woods. Since only those could do the hard work and struggle in the adverse circumstances for centuries who really loved and could live with the forest.

Walking around we can see lumbermen, charcoal-burners, lime-burners, cart-men's and shingler's huts of different types, covered and recovered lime-kilns domesticated by the white monks of Bélháromkút.

Different types of transportation and the ways of hauling the lumbered wood is exhibited by the "füles" sledge, the yoke-cart, the articulated sledge which was used both in winter and summer, the horse or yoke drawn wood-cart, the timber slide, the so called "Király" slide which is assembled by 4 mm semi-cylinders and which is transportable as well, the telpher operating winch, the forest railway and the "lore", the fuel wood transporting trolley.