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Address: 1146 - Budapest, Dózsa György út 41.

phone number: (+36 (1)) 469-7100

E-mail: info@szepmuveszeti.hu

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10-18
every even weeks Museum+: Thu 18-22

Old Gallery

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The history of the Old Gallery of the Museum of Fine Arts is closely related to the history of collecting art objects in Hungary. Its birth is the result of assembling objects for centuries since some of the ecclesiastic collections and that of lords were formed from the end of the 17th until the 18-19th centuries.

The gallery has around 3000 pieces. Most of them belonged to the Esterházy anthology. 637 paintings, 3500 drawings and 51 000 engravings was bought in 1871 and the nation founded the National Gallery. The compilation includes the 'Madonna' of Rafaello, 'Saint James' of Tiepolo, the 'Breast Feeding Madonna' of Correggio besides the artworks of Ribera, Murillo, Goya etc.

The gallery located in the hall of the Academy of Sciences grew with significant donations in 1972. Ipolyi Arnold inherited pictures by Sassetta, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Spinello Aretino to the Gallery making the former collection complete.

In 1975, the National Gallery was extended with old paintings; some were the donations of Jankovich Miklós and Pyrker János László of the National Museum. Among these, we can mention the paintings of Gentile Bellini, Giorgione, G. B. Tiepolo, Memling etc.

The collection of the National Museum was extended with 78 paintings that were taken into public property after the order of Lajos Kossuth. It was first moved to Bratislava, later to Buda. Some of the pieces of the collection belonged to the Prince Leopold William like the 'Lotto Apollo' or the portrait of Palma Vecchio.


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