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2019. August
Madach Manor House - Dolná Strehová
Madach Manor House
Address: 991 02, Dolná Strehová Ul. Madácha 1
Phone number: (47) 489-7189
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10-17
From January 2003, it operates as division of the Slovakian Hungarian Culture Museum at the Madách Castle of Alsósztregova. The author of the "Tragedy of Man", Imre Madácz lived in this building once. In the building that hosts a literary museum at present, th visitors can find the famous "Lion Cave, where Madách practice writing, as well as several fine artworks that inspired Madách. The sepulchre of Imre Madách is located in the park of the castle.

Imre Madách lived and worked in this building. The famous "lion cave" is open for visitors; however, the original furniture is not part of the showing.

The castle was reconstructed as a literary museum where beside the life of Imre Mad├ích, significant literary men from the Nagyk├╝rt├Âs region are also presented. The sepulchre was made by Alajos Rigele. In 1864 Mad├ích was buried in the cemetery of the village, However, his body was exhumed and moved to his present grave in 1936.

The Slovakian Hungarian Culture Museum took the memorial house over from the K├ękk┼Ĺ Toy and Puppet Museum in January 2003.

In October 2003, the Slovakian Hungarian Culture Museum opened an exhibition presenting illustrations by János Kass to Madách "Tragedy" in the Madách Castle in Alsósztregova. Later on, János Kass bestowed the complete series to the museum. The 17 graphics is shown at the Madách Castle since 2004.

Mihály Zichy's series of 20 illustrations to the "Tragedy" and cuts by Zoltán Nagy are shown at the castle, too, from 2004 entitled Hommage á Madách. In 2005 another exhibition that informs on theatre plays of the drama was opened in the castle.

To raise the number of visitors to the castle in Alsósztregova and assist to the sprit of Madách and his "Tragedy" get into focus again, we needed to rethink what we should do with the castle. It was because the permanent exhibition did not fulfil the requirements of our times. One of our short-term plans is to reconstruct the building itself and the Madách exhibition as well as reset the "Lion Cave" in its original state.

Next, we want to rebuild the room of Madách by the beginning of the 2008 tourist season.

Our long-term plan is to make the Madách Castle into a literary centre. Due to the size of the castle, it is not practical to run it as a museum solely. Our intention was to preserve the characteristic of the place, to aid further cultural endeavours an also provide work opportunities for people of Alsósztregova.

The two rooms looking on the street will still hold exhibitions with the dining room in the centre. We have not decided about the function of the two corner room. It is probable that a real and a virtual library will be in these rooms with desks, computers and thematic video collection. The set of rooms where Madách lived will be located on the north side of which Madách also did a drawing.

The attic in the north wing can be built in without changing the look of the castle. There four quest rooms can be set up with a kitchen and a little lounge downstairs. The entrance of the quest rooms would be from the yard. A conference room can be set up in the sot wing, with offices, kitchen, stairs to the wine cellar and dining room. There is an entrance to the dining room from the yard, too. Thus, the exhibition rooms would remain separated.

It is important that the literary memorial place should not be forgotten during the reconstruction works which we wish to do so by opening temporary exhibitions and other programs. Among them, meetings, conferences, writer's camps, educational quizzes around 5th October, the date on which Madách died. The first one of these was held in 2003. Its short history demonstrates the characteristics and edification of literary cult celebrations. The original set up, two days, one Hungarian, one Slovakian, turned out not convenient. The taboo of many decades is solved now, since a one day program in Hungarian and Slovakian can be done with interpreters and adequate technical background, but it is not a matter of principle.